DMX-iT 512ew - Lighting Controller


DMX-iT 512ew

Integrated Controls Model DMX-IT 512ew

Compact ' DMX512 protocol' Lighting Controller with wireless connection by Lumenradio.

We are excited to announce the introduction of the DMX-iT 512ew. This is the same as the DMX-iT 512e with addition of an internal

Wireless transmitter powered by Lumenradio.

Lumenradio is renowned for their bullet proof connectivity and has been widely adopted in the industry.
The internal battery capacity has been increased to accommodate the wireless.

The wired connection is still present and can be used as before. An illuminated LINK switch is provided to support the Lumenradio protocols and indicate linked status. See the user docs for further details on the DMX-iT 512ew.


  • Simple to operate
  • Use hand-held, on desktop, or mount anywhere easily
  • 12 channels of manual control with master fading
  • Starting address may be anywhere in the DMX512 channels
  • Front accessible push wheel quickly sets starting address
  • Group fader memory feature can include any of 512 channels
  • Individual bump buttons per channel
  • Battery operated or powered by AC adapter (included)
  • Expected battery life is 20 to 30 hours of operation
  • Rechargeable internal Li-ion battery.
  • Charging status LED, Low battery status LED.
  • Slim-line AC adapter is energy-star and CEC compliant (Included)
  • VESA mount threads provided on the bottom allow optional creative mounting using a huge variety of off the shelf mounting hardware: mic stands, monitor mounts, etc.
  • Compact size 7.6" x 1.3" x 3.75" (19cm x 3.3cm x 9.5cm)
  • Light weight 2.2Lbs. (0.99kg)


Ideal for small shows, live shoots, lectures, conferences, churches, lighting sales demonstrations, stage checkout, testing, troubleshooting, focusing and emergencies - any function that does not need an expensive, complex console or requires portability.

For lower cost model, see DMX-IT 12