DMX-iT Repair 

DMX-IT products needing repairs will be charged a flat rate of $75 plus $10 for ground service return shipping.

All payments must be made in advance by:

  1. Including a check for payment with the unit shipped from the customer
  2. Pre-paid by PayPal (Credit Cards accepted) PayPal account not required

PayPal payments must include customer name.


All units sent for repair must be accompanied by:

  1. $85 flat rate payment for repair service including return ground shipping
  2. The customer name, return shipping address, telephone and email contact information
  3. A description of the problem and/or damage
  4. Instructions and shipping account information for return service other than ground shipping

NOTE: Units with extensive mechanical damage will be assessed and quoted prior to repair - please provide daytime contact information. If you have special shipping needs or other questions, please call us.

For all repairs, ship to:

Integrated Controls Inc.
2851 21st St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Designed and manufactured in USA by Integrated Controls Inc.
Prices, specifications, features and availability subject to change without notice