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DMX-iT 512e


DMX-iT 512e 750-0818
Price : 560 USD

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the DMX-iT 12e.

This model will replace the popular base models DMX-iT 12, DMX-iT 12B, DMX-iT 12R, and the DMX-iT 12BR.

The DMX-iT 12e features an updated design but preserves the spirit of simplicity and the size of the original base model units. Since the Bump buttons are now standard on the DMX-iT 12e the B option is no longer necessary, likewise since the faders are now protected by integral side walls so the R option is no longer necessary, operational access is better and the protection is superior.


  • Basic model for the ultimate in simplicity of operation.
  • Don’t let the name -12 worry you, the full 512 channels of starting address are available by setting a DIP switch on the rear panel.
  • Fast to operate, fast frame rates for LED lighting.
  • The same dimensions and light weight allow hand held operation as with the earlier models.
  • Rechargeable internal Li-ion battery featuring
    days of operation on a single charge.
  • Charging status LED, Low battery status LED.
  • Simultaneous charging and operation from either the ultra small AC adapter (included) or a Micro USB B cable connected to a portable power bank or any USB power source.
  • Dimensions W, H, D Front / Rear: 3.8”, 7.8”, 1.6/2.3” (10, 120, 4 / 5.8 cm)
  • Weight: 1.1lbs (0.5kg), shipping wt 2.2lbs (1kg)
  • Model Number: 750-0813
VESA mount threads provided on the bottom allow optional creative mounting using a huge variety of off the shelf mounting hardware: mic stands, monitor mounts, etc.
DMX-iT 512e
DMX-iT 512e
DMX-iT 512e
DMX-iT 512e
DMX-iT 512e
DMX-iT 512e