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DMX-iT 524e


DMX-iT 524e 750-0826
Price : 1010 USD

The DMX-iT 524e model doubles the channel space and enhances the features of the 12 channel DMX-iT 512 and DMX-iT 512e.

The DMX-iT 524e features an updated super rugged design and preserves the spirit of simplicity and small size of the 12 channel units.


  • Fast to operate, fast frame rates for LED lighting and enough channels to control sophisticated multi channel lighting instruments and panels.
  • Memory – Two separate scenes of full level memory at independent addresses and each with its own Scene Master.
  • Each scene can be bumped on / off instantly.
  • A Live Master is provided which is independent of the scene masters.
  • The grand Master controls all levels simultaneously.
  • An Address mismatch LED indicates when the address setting does not match the current Live address.
  • The faders are protected by integral double thick side walls.
  • The small size and light weight allow hand held operation as with the earlier models.
  • Rechargeable internal Li-ion battery featuring days of operation on a single charge.
  • Charging status LED, Low battery status LED.
  • Simultaneous charging and operation from either the ultra small AC adapter (included) or a Micro USB B cable connected to a portable power bank or any USB power source.
  • USB A connector provides a power output for external gear.
  • VESA mount threads provided on the bottom allow optional creative mounting using a huge variety of off the shelf mounting hardware: mic stands, monitor mounts, etc.
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e
DMX-iT 524e